Online registry is done through

(you do not have to have a PayPal account to add to the registry.)


 How the registry works:

Most Bride and Grooms have an open registry where they put the funds towards what they wish before or after the wedding.  Some want to be a little more specific on their orders so you may request a registry list by email.

If you would like to purchase a specific gift for the bride and groom you may do so by requesting it at checkout

At the checkout Remember to put the Bride and Groom's name in the notes!










Adding to the registry is in agreement to the following terms of business: Accidental online purchases are subject to 4% refund fee. Registry funds are forfeited 12 months after the wedding date. Leftover registry funds cannot be refunded. All rights are reserved to the photographer, unless a “print as you wish CD” packages is purchased, which allows limited copyright to the recipient of the CD, which allows the recipient to print, post and share all images on the CD or DVD but not to use them for commercial or marketing publication benefit. In the event that this agreement cannot be completed by the photographer due to circumstances beyond our control, the photographer’s liability to the buyer shall be limited to the refund of all money paid. The “Buyer” shall be construed to mean the bride and groom as agents of each other. If a parent or friend of the bride or groom purchases this package, it shall be construed to mean that the parent or friend, the bride and the groom are agents of each other.



Shopping cart FAQ:

   I want to add a different amount than what is listed. How can i do that?

You can add more than one to add up to the amount, or if you would rather made a different amount listed, please contact us.

   I added too many! What can I do?

You can adjust or remove items in the shopping cart.

   I forgot to add something (i.e. name or item) to the checkout notes, what can I do?

You can email me, and we can get things straight. Please have your invoice number handy.